Interferential Current

Interferential (IF) Therapy is based on the effect of low frequency stimulation as in the biological frequency range. The low interferential current is the result of two interacting medium frequency currents produced by IF units. IF stimulation means the transmission of a small electrical pulse through the skin into painful area causing a mild tingling sensation. This sensation works to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.

IF uses four electrodes which allow better focus and deeper tissue stimulation. This machine sends electrical impulses through your skin. Depending on the setting, it can affect your nerves or it can cause chemicals to be released in your body. With either setting, the purpose of IF current is to help relieve pain. Physical therapists may use IFC to apply to the injury site just before or after you participate in a physical therapy routine.

IF's Electric Bio-effect

• Penetrates deeply into soft tissues and bones.
• Reduces pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, swelling

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