Gait Re-Training

This involves a physical therapist assisting a patient in walking. Proper training helps the patient gain independence and minimizes the risk of falling causing re-injury. Assistive devices such as gait belts, canes, walkers or crutches are often used. Developing other skills such as static and dynamic balance in standing and walking are very important. Ensuring that the patient can effectively ambulate (walk) over obstacles such as ramps, curbs and on uneven terrain is also a goal. Gait Re-training is helpful in correcting abnormal walking patterns, as a result of strokes, Parkinson's disease, brain disorders, foot, ankle, knee, and hip problems, as well as post surgical problems. If a person can walk easier and safer, they will usually be able to do more activities, independently. This will make the person happier and healthier, and therefore increase their quality of life. Here at Therapeutic Systems we will evaluate your gait and design a specific program to facilitate more efficient walking pattern.
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