Fitness/Wellness Prescription

Fitness is a much-confused term.  To some, it means being trim or muscular.  But, total fitness is more than that -- it means keeping your body machine in top working order.  A total physical fitness plan includes several types of exercises -- aerobics (which exercise large muscle groups and increase your body's ability to use oxygen), stretching exercises (which improve muscle flexibility), mobility exercises (which improve joint ROM) and resistance exercise to improve muscle strength. Fitness also includes weight control, proper nutrition, and stress reduction.  

Becoming fit is saying "yes" to life and "no" to unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug misuse.  A total fitness plan can improve both the quality and the quantity of the years ahead of you. The cause of most illnesses and dysfunctions are usually due to poor diet, stress and physical fitness. At Therapeutic Systems we will help you put together a program that fits your needs.
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