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  Fascial Release Level III
Fascial Release Technique (FRT) Level III: Focus on Cranial Base and Bone of the Face

This module has been designed to further your knowledge on the craniosacral system and what happens to the fascial system with trauma. We will review key concepts from Levels I and II and then explore the cranial base in detail. You will learn seven types of dysfunction and treatments of the cranial base. You will be trained to evaluate and treat the hard palate which consists of the maxilla, vomer and palatine. The rest of the face and TMJ will be explored. You will be taught a sutural evaluation and treatment for the entire cranium and facial region. You will learn to evaluate for both osseous (sutural) and soft tissue (membranous) dysfunctions in the cranial region. The treatment of infants, trauma, full body and regional Fascial Release Techniques will be explored.

This hands-on workshop will provide the participant with plenty of opportunity to explore the various types of sutural and fascial dysfunctions in the cranial base and bones of the face.  You will learn to integrate Fascial and Cranial Release Techniques throughout the body. Participants will develop a solid foundation that will be immediately applicable to any clinical setting or patient population.  Immediate results will be seen with your patients.

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