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  Fascial Release Level II

This module has been designed to review key concepts from FRT Level I and expand into Cranial Release Techniques of the Dural Tube and Sutures of the cranial vault (Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital Bones). As a student, you will further your understanding of what fascia is by exploring the deepest layer of fascia; the dura mater of the brain and spinal cord. An understanding of the anatomy of the craniosacral system will be developed through palpation. This course will focus on techniques in the vertical membrane system covering frontal, parietal, occipital and sacral bone release techniques.

We will also examine the horizontal membrane system focusing on the sphenoid, occiput and temporal bones. You will understand how to evaluate for both osseous (suture) and soft tissue (membranous) dysfunction’s in the cranial region as well as assess down the dural tube. Evaluation and treatment strategies for cranial trauma and birth defects will be covered. This hands-on workshop will provide the participant with plenty of opportunity to explore the various types of fascial and sutural dysfunction in the cranila vault region. Participants will develop a solid foundation that will be immediately applicable to any clinical setting or patient population. The focus of this course is to teach techniques that are unique to FRT II regarding evaluation, prioritizing findings and treatment of fascial and sutural restrictions of the cranila vault and down the dural tube.

Course Objectives:

Review the history, rules and principles of Cranial & Fascial Release Technique.

•  Understand the anatomy of the craniosacral system
•  Develop a concept of what  a cranial & fascial dysfunction is
•  You will be taught what Cranial & Fascial Release is and when to use it
•  Perform specific Cranial Release Techniques on the frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital bones focusing on suture and membranous releases.
•  Learn how to integrate Cranial & Fascial Release with other treatment modalities

•  Learn to assess and treat the dural tube
•  Improve palpation skills
•  Understand the clinical importance of Cranial & Fascial Release Technique.

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