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Fascial Release Technique (FRT) Level IV: Focus on the Organs
This module has been designed to further your knowledge on the fascial system of the thorax and abdominal and pelvic regions. As a student, you will further your understanding of the fascial coverings of the organs.  An understanding of the anatomy of the organ system will be developed through palpation. This course will look at the thorax, focusing on evaluating and treating fascial dysfunction around the heart and lungs. We will also explore fascial dysfunction in the abdominal pelvic region focusing on the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, and small and large intestines.  This hands-on workshop will provide the participant with plenty of opportunity to explore the various types of sutural and fascial dysfunctions in the cranial base and bones of the face.  Participants will develop a solid foundation that will be immediately applicable to any clinical setting or patient population. Immediate results will be seen with your patients.

Course Objectives:

•  Learn the history of Visceral Fascial Release Techniques
•  Understand the fascial anatomy around the thorax and abdominal pelvic organs
•  Learn what keeps the organs in place and how they move
•  Improve your palpation skills of the organ system
•  Learn to conduct a thorough organ fascial screening evaluation
•  Perform Specific Fasial  Release Technique on the thoracic and abdominal pelvic organs
•  Understand the clinical importance of Fascial  Release Techniques of the organs and how organs can affect spinal and peripheral joints
•  Discuss integration of Fascial Release Techniques of the organs with other treatment modalities and

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