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  Muscle Energy Technique for the Upper Quadrant

This module introduces you to the osteopathic concept of Muscle Energy Technique (MET), developed by Dr. Fred Mitchell, Sr. D.O. MET is a direct technique in which the therapist utilizes the muscle barrier concept to position the patient's body or part at their restrictive barriers. A gentle isometric contraction is used by the patient to normalize the joint dysfunction. This course will teach you how to evaluate the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, ribs, and upper extremities for somatic dysfunctions. MET will help reduce protective muscle spasm, fascial tension, pain, increase joint mobility, restore proper joint biomechanics and postural alignment. You will see immediate changes in your patient's pain and functional level. The goal of MET is to correct motion restrictions and improve the client's functional range of motion. Because of the gentleness and effectiveness of MET, it is appropriate with the following patient populations; neurological, amputees, sports injuries, auto accidents, pediatrics, geriatrics, respiratory and general orthopedic conditions. The focus of this course is to teach techniques that are unique to MET regarding evaluation, prioritizing findings and treatment of joint stiffness.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of these courses participants will be able to:

•  Understand the neurophysiology, normal biomechanics and treatment principles of MET.

•  Conduct an Upper Quadrant body screening evaluation, correlate the finding and develop a treatment plan.

•  Perform MET on common joint dysfunctions in the Upper Quadrant, evaluated in the course.

•  Understand the clinical implications of MET, the rationale for treatment, progression and its integration with other treatment modalities.

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