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  Fascial Release Level I

This module has been designed to introduce the student to the general concepts and principles of Fascial Release Techniques. As a student you will learn what fascia is, where it is found, its role in the body, how it gets injured and the various forms of Fascial Release Techniques used. Fascial Release will help normalize muscle tone, decrease pain, decrease swelling and increase soft tissue and joint mobility. The student will learn to alleviate various types of fascial dysfunctions in the body and restore pain-free functional movement. This course will focus on techniques to help alleviate scar tissue in the cranium, spine, ribs, pelvis, sacrum and upper and lower extremities. Immediate results will be seen with your patients. This hands on workshop will provide the participant with plenty of opportunity to explore the various types of fascial dysfunctions and release techniques.  Participants will develop a solid foundation that will be immediately applicable to any clinical setting or patient population. The focus of this course is to teach techniques that are unique to FRT regarding evaluation, prioritizing findings and treatment of fascial restrictions.

Course Objectives:

•  Learn what fascia is and where it is found
•  Understand the function of fascia and what happens when it gets injured
•  Understand the general rules and principles of Fascial Release
•  You will be taught the indications and contraindications of Fascial Release Techniques
•  Learn how to integrate Fascial Release with other treatment modalities
•  Improve palpation skills
•  Perform specific scar, muscle belly, myofascial and articular fascial release techniques on common joint dysfunction’s covered in the course
•  Develop a philosophy for treatment
•  Formulate treatment strategies

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