Insurance Questions

Our TSI Staff will make every effort to help you understand what procedures need to be followed to receive the maximum benefit from your insurance company. You can contact our billing office Medical Business Associates directly at (941) 925-8570.

We accept the following Insurance:

Medicare requires you to be evaluated by your physician prior to your initial visit at out office and every 30 days while having physical therapy.  Our office staff will file your Medicare Claims and your Supplemental Insurance as well as send your physician updates on your progress every 30 days.

Auto/Personal Injury Accident Claim does not require a referral. You can come directly to our office for an appointment, but we always encourage you to also see your physician.  If your coverage pays PIP and Med pay there is no additional cost to you.  If you only have PIP coverage which pays 80% you will be responsible for the 20%.  If your health insurance voers this amount we will file this claim for you.

Worker’s Compensation requires a referral from your physician and prior authorization from the insurance adjustor assigned to your case.  We will obtain all authorization.  You can call your insurance company and verify their requirements.  Our office staff will help in any way we can.

Private Health Insurance requires a referral from your physician after 30 days from your initial visit with us.  All health insurance companies offer different coverage’s.  You can contact out billing department.

For further questions, call Medical Business Associates at (941) 925-8570 and they can answer all your questions.

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