Your First Visit
Patient Registration & Medical History Forms:
Bring with you the patient registration and medical history forms filled out. You can download these from the web site. We can also fax these to you or you can come 20 minutes before your appointment and fill them out. It is also a good idea to bring with you any relevant X-rays or special tests.

The first important step is recording and evaluation of your health history. We will review the forms you filled out and ask you a few questions. We are interested in you.

Once we have all your medical history we will conduct a thorough full body screening evaluation to determine YOUR treatment.  It is best to bring with you shorts and a T-shirt.  We also have gowns available.  We will evaluate your bones, joint, muscles, fascia, organ systems, circulation and the function of your muscles.

Treatment Plan:
Once reviewing your medical history and the findings from the examination we will put together a treatment plan based on the diagnosis.

Treatment is determined by a culmination of medical history and the examination.  Jointly, we discuss the treatment plan of action with each patient.  See treatments Offered.

The first visit can last anywhere from 1 hour to an hour and a half. We will then send a letter of our findings and treatment plan to your doctor

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