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Therapeutic Systems, Inc. provides integrated health solutions for virtually any physical, emotional or energetic problem.  Our dedicated and caring team of healthcare providers is fully equipped to meet your needs. The diverse experience and education of our staff enables each client to receive a comprehensive and tailored healthcare solution.  

We recognize that the location of symptoms is not always where the underlying cause originates. Through our diversity of techniques, each patient gets exactly what they need from a very large array of services. This promotes and optimized and rapid healing process.

The treatment services provided at TSI are also taught as continuing education seminars to healthcare professionals internationally. TSI looks forward to supporting your needs now and in the future.

Our Services

Therapeutic Systems, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of services that focus on the resolution of pain, but also the cause of those pains. This is done through a variety of services, from Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Cranial Sacral work, to Nutrition, Body Talk and Oriental Medicine. Our services are exceptional and driven by the expertise, integrity and results that you need and expect when you're in pain.  Please inquire within for more information about TSI.

Email for seminars: Kerryjdam@gmail.com

Our Philosophy

It has been my personal experience as well as the experience of the thousands of healthcare professionals that I have come in contact with that there is a tendency to treat the patient’s symptoms locally, at the site of pain. This is done using our preferred form of treatment (i.e. electrical modalities/manual and/or exercise therapy) instead of searching for the source of their pain.
It is well known that several patients can have the same location of symptoms (i.e., back or shoulder pain) yet have different causes for the pain.  Over the years our bodies are subjected to various forms of stress.  The stress may be physical, environmental, biochemical, psychological and/or emotional.

DIS-EASE, which is a disturbance in the body, is the result of the body’s inability to adapt to stresses of daily life thereby leading to pain.  The focus of this clinic is to fully and completely identify the stressors and assist the patient to attain their maximum potential in life.

At TSI, we uniquely integrate the ideas from both Western and Eastern philosophies.  We evaluate the body for each of the aformentioned stressors and then develop a personalized treatment program to help you achieve your goals toward YOUR path of optimal health.

Email for clinic: kerryjdam@gmail.com
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